"The pointillism gives us the opportunity to free ourselves from the several existing techniques and feel the immediate effect of colors on a blank paper, creating different drawings through contrasts."

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Perfile Izabel Litieri

Brazilian, born in Sao Paulo, graduated at the Escola Panamericana de Artes (Pan-American School of Arts) (1981).

She started its artistic production exploring, with acrylic on canvas, geometric-figurative forms mostly in monochromatic context. After that, she started working with pastel and aquarelle, experimenting new techniques and bringing them to canvas. Nowadays, she is dedicated to the pointillism using acrylic on canvas and paint brush markers on canvas paper blocks.

The constant subject involving the nature, its animals and landscapes – especially those referring to Brazil – is a feature of her work. The art is lived in communion with the quest for the balance with the forces of nature, which inspire creativity and creation, connecting her to her essence (the soul). Welcome!

Time line

2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 1993 1987 1985 1984

Some of the awards received:

» - Paleta de Ouro (Golden Palette) from UNAP during the International Woman Exhibition

» - Coat of Arms for promoting the arts, for notorious sense of collectiveness and prominent dedication to the cultural and artistic cause

Some of the exhibitions Izabel Litieri took part:

» Exhibition “Consciousness of the Gift of Life” – Sé Station

» Exhibition “Consciousness of the Gift of Life” – Tiradentes Station

» Exhibition “Consciousness of the Gift of Life” – MASP Station

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